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GYNECOLOGY – Taking Women’s Health Seriously


In the practice of Rita Sanders, D.O., we take women’s health seriously and desire to provide you with the best care possible in a relaxed, sensitive, and woman-centered environment.  We believe that wen make the best decisions for their health and wellbeing when empowered with clear information and knowledge.  Today, woman’s medicine can be very complicated and daunting, but in our practice we partner with you as a patient to equip you with the understanding and informational resources as we address your health concerns.  We take the time to listen, answer questions, and desire to provide you with the highest quality medical care possible.  You can expect to be treated professionally, courteously and compassionately at all times.  We hope you will feel comfortable and secure with the treatment you receive at our practice.


It is our hope that as a patient, you will be completely comfortable with your treatment and care.  We promise you compassion, confidentiality, and complete satisfaction, because you are our number one priority!