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I switched to Dr. Sanders late in my pregnancy after it became clear that my former ob/gyn was not going to let me have the non-interventionist, unmedicated labor that I wanted. Dr. Sanders was absolutely on board with my birth plan – no IVs, no inducing (unless my pregnancy went 2 or 3 weeks past due, as opposed to the standard 1 week rule), no epidural forced upon me, and a very low c-section rate. In short, she trusts healthy women’s bodies to do what they are made to do! I had my baby at Southcrest, where the nurses were respectful of my wishes and even ran hot baths for me to alleviate back pain during my labor. Other than intermittent fetal monitoring (10 minutes every hour), I was free to walk around and to labor as I wished.
Dr. Sanders showed up just in time to help me with pushing and to catch the baby. I thought she was wonderful because she was so hands-off. If you want that kind of experience, but aren’t sure you want to go all the way with a homebirth experience, then I strongly recommend Dr. Sanders!


Dr. Sanders was my OBGYN with my daughter and i absolutely would recommend her. Of course there were times while i was pregnant that i didn’t like her very much but over-all i have no complaints. When i’m concerned she answers the questions. Also, while i was experiencing ppd, she saw me prob 4+ times in two weeks. That made me feel important during a difficult time in my life. I am so grateful to have found such a wonderful dr.


Dr Sanders delivered both my children. She was my only phone call when I found out I was pregnant with my second child. She does not rush her appointments and answers any questions you have. She does her best to keep ur birth plan in place and she made my husband feel very comfortable. I would recommend her to anyone.


Dr. Rita Sanders is a woman that knows what she is doing! I felt safe and secure everything I left her office. Everything was perfect start to finish.


I absolutely love Dr. Sanders. She has been my doctor for many years and I have never had a problem. During my preganancy, she was very caring and concerned when problems arrived. I never found her to be rude; she just isn’t over the top mushy. She is an introvert and quiet. However, she knows her stuff. I am a nurse and work around many OBGYNs that I would not recommend to my worst enemy. Too many doctors are cut happy and hide the truth about c-sections and the very dangerous complications of major surgery and prematurity from their patients. I recommend her to everyone that I know/meet. She cares about both patients (mom and baby) and she works hard to respect their wishes related to birth.

Dr. Sanders by all the six children she delivered for one family.


One of the best, she knows what she is doing !
My Wife received the best care she could hope for.


I love Dr Sanders! She really knows what she is doing and I trust her 100%. The best birth experience I have ever had. My other 2 kids I had tons of stitches after I gave birth and recovery was horrible, she helped me take it slow and delivered my son without any tearing or hard recovery. And he was almost 9 pounds, 2 lbs more than my first and 1.5 lbs more than my second but with Dr Sanders help I did not tear at all.